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--> Antonio Gotto – MedRAP – Iris Mushin, What Hurts the Physician Hurts the Patient

Antonio Gotto

What Hurts the Physician Hurts the Patient is the result of a career’s work and labor of love by Ms. Iris Mushin, who was an MBA student at the time she initiated the MedRAP program, while I was serving as Chair of Internal Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in 1989. Subsequently, she directed the program over two decades. Ms. Mushin has now produced a wonderful publication describing MedRAP, which addresses training, professional development, and the well-being of medical residents. Ms. Mushin’s publication is comprehensive, clearly written, and will be of enormous value to all individuals, trainees, administrators, and directors of medical residency programs. This is an excellent contribution and reflects very positively not only on the author, but also on Baylor College of Medicine and its support of the MedRAP training program for many decades. I highly recommend this book to all medical residents, resident program directors, department chairs, and administrators who are connected with the training of new physicians. Ms. Mushin has made an enormous contribution not only to resident training at Baylor, but also to the overall training of residents in the United States.