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--> Anoop Agrawal, M.D. – MedRAP – Iris Mushin, What Hurts the Physician Hurts the Patient

Anoop Agrawal, M.D.

I personally have had the opportunity to participate in the MedRAP program as an intern and a senior resident mentor, and have observed the benefits from afar as a residency program director. The benefits are numerous in addressing workplace issues that are beyond the reach of a program director or an institution. Communication, collaboration and self-reflection are key components for an individual to assimilate, adapt and excel in challenging workplaces such as the hospitals and clinic settings of residency training. Programs such as MedRAP provide a dedicated and protected space for medical residents to have an outlet to share their experiences in a productive and safe manner, receive support and advice from senior residents, and develop meaningful skills through facilitator- led workshops. They can also help residency programs meet numerous ACGME requirements while making a real difference in the lives of its residents. In an ideal world, all residency programs should make programs such as MedRAP a core offering of their residents’ training.